Friday, June 22, 2007

Everyone has their price

Who has ever stopped to think, even for a moment, at what they do, daily, and why they do it?

It's all about the money!

It all boils down to money, we sell our souls for it, we sacrifice our lives for it, we value it more than life itself, in fact, it has become the centre, the focus, the goal and the drive of our lives.

It IS life, its sole reason, purpose and meaning

Unfortunately, this is the sad truth, disgusting and depraved as it may be.

Few fail to see it, to feel it, to smell it, this reality, this virus of life, this tyranny, this prison, where there is NO respite, no hope, no life.

So bend over, grab your ankles and prepare yourself, brace yourself, for that is what our lives are, what we have allowed them to become.

The mere thought of a whore, repulses most decent people, most hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying, church going moral, pious and hypocritical folk.

Yet how blind are we? How blinded have we become? How ridiculous is it all.

We frown down at the dirty whore, yet rejoice with and co-celebrate the lavish Wedding of James Packer.

The proles rejoice at the excesses of the bourgeoisie!


The class distinction has always existed, even more so now than ever before, yet because of certain contemporaneous trends, we the masses have come to worship as celebrities our task masters, rather than hate and detest their lavish excesses and wanton spending and desecration of human dignity and respect.

We are the whores, doing it all, just for the money, bearing all manner of degradation and disrespect, all ridicule and reviling to make the money.

MONEY MONEY MONEY, you dirty fukkin whore!

No, I'm sorry, that was way out of line, who am I to point my crooked finger at you and condemn you fir the choices you've mad and decisions taken.

No one forces you to do what you do.

No one decided for you that you'd be happy, that you'd be content allowing the whole world to butt-fukk you, at their beck and call, you dirty whore!

Oops, there I go again, sorry!
But you are, face it, nothing more than a dirty whore, who will do anything for the mighty dollar.